We are an all-round development company, we are granite edge polishing machine manufacturers, glass machinery manufacturers, and stone cutter manufacturer. Our company develops new products every year to participate in domestic industry exhibitions glass machine and stone machine. The automatic machine also attracted many domestic and foreign visitors during the exhibition. Therefore, our company has become a high-quality granite edge polishing machine manufacturers, glass machinery manufacturers and stone cutter manufacturer in many domestic and foreign regions. Most of the time, old customers will introduce their friends to buy our products, and their recognition is our best encouragement. Our main products are glass processing equipment. such as: glass polishing machine, glass cutting machine, glass charming machine, glass drilling machine, glass sandblasting machine, glass washing machine, glass shape machine, glass sanding machine and other glass machinery manufacturers. Stone machine: stone polishing machine, stone cutting machine. JGSG is professional granite edge polishing machine manufacturers and stone cutter manufacturer.

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