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  • Date:2021/03/31

The functions of CNC glass polishing machine are not only affected by the critical CNC system, as an important part of the CNC system, the function of the servo system also directly affects the development of the function of the CNC system. It is understood that the current communication servo system has replaced the DC servo system on a large scale. At the same time, the high-speed bus in the servo system, the detection unit with nanometer-level precision and ultra-high resolution, and the use of custom control have become The trend of servo skills development. As the actuator of CNC glass polishing machine, the development prospect of servo system should be towards high speed, high precision and more stable direction. At the same time, the grinding head motor is the most power-consuming unit of glass machinery. In terms of energy saving and emission reduction, the State One has drawn up power standards for general grinding head motors. According to our National Glass Machinery Industry Association's survey of key companies, although the glass machinery market is generally weak, the middle and high-end CNC glass machinery and corresponding supporting equipment have not shown a significant decline, and the demand for non-standard and personalized equipment has increased. The future development trend of CNC glass polishing machine is inseparable from high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision, composite, intelligent and green, and automated skills will bring new energy to this series of development.


The development of domestic glass machinery is highly dependent on the international market, especially glass edging technology. If domestic enterprises want to overcome the difficulties, they need to establish brand awareness urgently. To establish the brand of Chinese glass machinery requires many efforts. Through formal channels such as commercial promotion and public relations, to establish a brand of glass machinery abroad, these factors are indispensable.

Architectural and automotive glass and glass products, as substrates, play an increasingly important role in the development of diversification, bringing opportunities and challenges to glass production and processing equipment. At present, flexible production technology and multifunctional production equipment are the development trend of the world glass processing industry. They require glass processing equipment to be highly repeatable and accurate.

Automobile and architectural glass have been committed to reducing the thickness of glass to meet market demand, which puts forward higher requirements on glass deep processing technology. Many glass deep processing companies have begun to improve the efficiency of their production lines and integrate all aspects of glass processing. This will become the development potential and endurance of the glass deep processing industry in the future.

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