Air float glass tilting breaking table

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  • Date:2020/05/23

Glass cutting is the first process in the deep processing of glass, and it is also the most used process.

When cutting with an automatic glass cutting machine, it needs to be typeset before it can be cut, film removal and other processes. Not only is it necessary to discharge as many pieces as possible in the original shape on the original glass to improve the utilization rate of raw materials, but also the layout operation is simple and easy to use. Mechanical interactive typesetting is the most commonly used and most convenient typesetting method for operating workers to perform typesetting and cutting on the job control sheet in the field.

Air float glass tilting breaking table Features and advantages:
The Air float glass tilting breaking table (also known as automatic glass loading table, glass air float table, glass turning 

machine) is a very practical and fully automatic economical machine that integrates glass taking, air float , and film breaking functions. Freely move in the production workshop, completely solve the problem of glass stacking, easy to automatically take a piece of glass by pressing a button to take a piece of film, automatically and smoothly turn the original glass piece from vertical to horizontal position, and the whole machine is controlled by a fully automatic industrial PLC , Humanized design and control, from the film flipping to the film feeding, the complete set of actions is automatically completed, replacing the manual film flipping, improving efficiency, safety and reliability, solving the problems of difficulty in employment, staff safety and so on. The movable Air float glass tilting breaking table  is more flexible and convenient to use than the ordinary air float table. While improving work efficiency, it increases the flexibility of the work and reduces the number of personnel. Only one person can take the film and cut it. , At least saved the cost of two people.
The air float glass tilting breaking table  makes the glass easier to move, and at the same time protects the glass from being scratched. The breakage system can be adapted to cut any size of the glass. The glass turning table has multiple functions and has been widely used in glass deep processing. : Hand cutting and processing of original glass, tempered glass, architectural glass, coated glass, etc. as well as mirror making and other industries.

Working principle of Air float glass tilting breaking table :
The fully automatic glass turning table is composed of six parts: a walking mechanism for picking a piece, a suction cup turning arm structure, a piece feeding transmission structure, a mechanical turning lifting mechanism, a vacuum system, and an electric control system; it automatically turns the original glass piece from a vertical direction to a horizontal position , According to the signal transmission to the required work surface or conveyor line.




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