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  • Date:2020/05/16

Stone machinery can be divided into stone mining machinery, stone processing machinery, stone decoration machinery, stone maintenance machinery, stone processing tools, stone testing machinery, etc. In addition, there are some tools and auxiliary tools, such as diamond saw blades, abrasive tools, abrasives, stone Chemical protection products, various types of stone monitoring instruments, etc.

Let's say it's mainly stone processing machinery. There are many types, and there are different types of processing machinery according to different locations. For example, edging, cutting, polishing, cleaning, sanding, carving, etc.

Did you first learn about the stone edging machine?

Stone edging machine can process all types of stone: granite, quartz stone, marble, artificial stone, slate, ceramic.For edging and polishing of flat stone.All shapes of the edge of the flat plate can be processed, straight edge, bevel edge, round edge (the edge types of various round flowers are collectively called round edge).Now the vertical granite edge polishing machine manufacturers is very popular,because this machine in hot sell.

How does the machine work?

The Granite edge polishing machine manufacturers JGSG is developed to facilitate the user's processing, this machine is simple to operate and easy to maintain.The stone is clamped by the high-precision pressure plate on the machine, and the stone is conveyed to the edging wheel position through the synchronous belt. At the same time, the edging wheel starts to work for edging and polishing. Finally, the stone is output from the other side of the machine and the processing is completed.Granite edge polishing  machine manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Foshan City, Guangdong Province.





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