Should invest in a glass factory?

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  • Date:2020/08/18

Investing in a glass factory is a large-scale project investment. There are many glass factories across the country, and the production capacity is relatively excessive. Therefore, full preparations must be made before investing.

1.Type positioning: Whether it belongs to a glass manufacturer or a glass deep processing manufacturer, this is very important, because the scale of investment varies greatly, and many issues related to raw materials and production are involved. Glass manufacturers should consider the proximity of raw materials and energy. If it is glass deep processing, cold processing or thermal processing should also be considered. Thermal processing is also a high-energy-consuming industry and requires careful treatment of energy issues.

2. Product positioning: First of all, it is necessary to clarify what kind of glass to produce. It is necessary to know that different glasses have different market competition and product lines. It is impossible to fully go online at the beginning. Only when some markets are opened and profitable can be considered for new production lines. A series of sales-related issues such as the scope of the market and the layout of the market must be investigated first. For example, glass cold processing, as long as it is cutting, grinding, drilling, lettering, etc., belongs to the regional market coverage, then the number of similar processing plants in the local area, the production capacity, the local population, real estate, and economic data must be available, otherwise once Rush to decide, not to advance or retreat. If it is mobile phone glass, then there are only a few large mobile phone companies in the country and even the world, and they do not have core competitiveness or high-quality patented products or technologies.

3. Technology and equipment: There are many types of equipment, and automatic glass edge polishing machine     are indispensable. However, there are many automatic glass edge polishing machine     manufacturers on the market. Here I recommend Jugang Shengong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. They specialize in automatic glass edge polishing machine     and stone machine experience in  machine. Technology is not a question of hiring an engineer. It is necessary to know that sometimes capabilities are required to be competitive in the market. Therefore, technology is very critical.

4. Site selection for plant construction: The location of the glass plant is also critical, which is related to many later influencing factors

5. Relevant policies: different regions have different investment policies, and the choice of regions is not necessarily the most favorable policy region, but also refer to other information such as logistics and raw material supply.

6. Budget for building a factory: How much money will be spent to build a factory is the core issue, no matter how good the plan is, it is still impossible to start work if the money is not enough.

7. A series of written materials such as feasibility study, feasibility study report, safety assessment, environmental assessment, energy and stability assessment and many other government approval materials should also be prepared.

8. Started to build a factory.
 At present, the production of domestic glass factories is in a state of saturation, without core technology and leading patented products, it is not recommended to put into production.





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