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  • Date:2020/08/27

Glass chamfering machine is a professional machine for processing glass products. This machine overcomes the processing shortcomings of existing machinery and electric tools, and has the advantages of convenience, speed and accuracy

The glass chamfering machine is a kind of CNC machine tool. The matching machines include glass engraving machine, glass punching machine, glass edging machine, special-shaped glass cutting machine, glass slotting machine, and precision glass forming machine. The glass chamfering machine is mainly used for fine processing and special-shaped cutting of various ultra-thin glass. The technology has been very mature. Due to the development and demand of the electronic consumer market in the future, more digital electronic displays use glass as display screens or touch screens. The market for machinery is also growing.

The characteristics of the glass chamfering machine are: small machine, high processing accuracy, stable machine, fine finished product, fast processing speed and high production efficiency.

The characteristics of glass: good light transmission, abrasion resistance after surface tempering, and excellent hand feeling. But its disadvantage is that it is fragile and easy to damage, and it is a big difficulty to realize the fine forming of glass.

Fully automatic glass chamfering machine, the operator only needs to place the glass on the workbench, press the start button, the chamfering work is automatically completed by the equipment, and the labor intensity is greatly reduced.





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