Automatic glass cutting machine

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  • Date:2021/03/30

The automatic glass cutting machine introduces the latest technology and processing technology at home and abroad, and the advanced mechanical structure is equipped with an imported control system and cutting optimization software, which greatly improves the cutting quality and cutting rate of the glass. According to the needs of users, the automatic cutting processing of straight lines or special-shaped graphics can be carried out. Input the glass size directly, the optimization software automatically optimizes the layout, the output rate is high, the precision is accurate, and the speed is fast. Imported high-precision racks, guide rails, servo motors and electrical components are used to achieve long-term accuracy and stability; dual-drive servo drive, faster and more stable; photoelectric automatic edge-finding and positioning, convenient and accurate, simple operation, and more labor-saving.


Automatic glass cutting machine Equipment performance:


◆Automatic cutting and processing of straight lines or special-shaped graphics according to user requirements.


◆With thousands of special-shaped libraries and equipped with glass optimization software, the glass production rate can reach more than 99%.


◆The machine body is designed with steel structure, and after aging treatment, the machine body has good rigidity and is not easily deformed.


◆With actual cutting graphics display, actual motion tracking display function, the equipment status and processing status are clear at a glance;


◆X, Y, Z axis drive adopts Yaskawa servo motor, dual-drive motor drive, faster speed and higher efficiency;


◆Using differential signal input and output, better anti-interference and more stable system;


◆Laser edge finding function to accurately determine the position of the glass;


◆The scanning speed of template profile is faster;


◆Standard Windows style, simple and reliable operation interface, easy to learn;


◆Online switching between Chinese and English is convenient for foreign users.


When we use the automatic glass cutting machine, we must check the glass to be cut in advance. We can't have white spots and scratches on the appearance of the glass. Only after the most basic conditions are qualified, we can mass-produce it. During production and measurement, the measurement objects should be measured horizontally and vertically. When necessary, full inspection is required. When lifting the glass, make sure that the glass itself is not cracked, so as to avoid automatic glass when lifting. split.

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