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  • Date:2020/05/25

With the rapid development of transportation, construction and tourism in the 1980s, there is an increasing demand for glass deep processing, which has made the glass deep processing industry develop rapidly, and the output of glass deep processing has increased rapidly. A large number of float glass production lines were completed and put into production, providing high-quality original glass for glass deep processing: the accelerated development of the construction industry and transportation industry and the improvement of grades have opened up a broad market for the application of deep processing glass; Due to the influence of the level, the production capacity of most glass deep-processing enterprises has not been fully utilized. As the world's major glass manufacturers are demanding new profit growth points for flat glass and other varieties of glass, product innovation, new process exploration, cost reduction, and high added value have become the development goals of major glass manufacturers. Therefore, at present, 50% -60% of the original flat glass sheets are processed after further processing. The original float glass sheets are no longer beautiful, but are in the five directions of functional, practical, decorative, safe, and environmental protection. Development of deep-processed glass, which is the undisputed goal of innovative products for flat glass in the 21st century


With the development of industrial production and the improvement of people's living standards, energy consumption has increased rapidly. In China, building energy consumption accounts for more than a quarter of the total energy consumption in the country, of which building doors and windows consume about 100% of the total heat loss Forty percent, from the perspective of the entire global energy, during heating or air-conditioning period, forty-five percent of them are used for building temperature control, and the proportion is increasing, so energy saving is in front of us。


Characteristics of Glass straight edged machine manufacture:

1. Straight edge of any shape of flat glass can be processed

2.Continuous processing and high production efficiency

3.Can process glass of different sizes and thicknesses

4.Vertical Glass straight edged machine manufacture is the machine with the most specifications in various types of edging machine.

Linear edging machine can be divided into three types: Glass straight edged machine manufacture ,China glass beveling machine manufacturers and Glass straight line round machine.Granite edge polishing machine manufacturers can process the flat bottom of the glass and the edges and corners of the two sides,The number of Granite edge polishing machine manufacturers motors, the better the brightness of the processed glass and the faster the processing speed.Obviously, the more the number of Granite edge polishing machine manufacturers motors, the more expensive the price.So you can choose the most suitable China glass beveling machine supplier according to your actual situation and budget.China glass beveling machine manufacturers is generally used to process the bevel of 0-27 degrees of straight glass.The transmission of the China glass beveling machine supplier adopts an infinitely variable speed motor to adjust the speed, and the processing speed can be adjusted arbitrarily within the approved range. The transmission adjustment range is large and the speed is stable. China glass beveling machine manufacturers operation is very simple, the polishing brightness is high, the processing accuracy is high, and it is popular with users.

The last but most important point is that the maintenance and service of the machine directly affect the service life of the machine. If  China glass beveling machine supplier lubrication system fails to obtain lubricant in time and forcibly operates, it will accelerate the wear of machine parts, affect the precision of China glass beveling machine manufacturers , and accelerate machine damage , Reduced processing quality.



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