Daily Maintenance Of Automatic Glass Machine

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  • Date:2020/04/22

Automatic glass machine equipments processing enterprises can not only reduce the enterprise cost better, but also can improve the efficiency of enterprise production, but after a lot of enterprises in the purchase of related equipment, due to lack of necessary maintenance of common sense, led to mechanical equipment in use process loss serious condition, even mechanical equipment can't normal operation problems.


Although the use of automatic glass machine is very convenient, but specific use process, we should pay special attention to maintenance, after all, this equipment is relatively expensive, if you can extend the service life of mechanical equipment, this is also for the enterprise to save production costs, improve economic efficiency.


Daily maintenance specification of automatic glass machine:

1. When cleaning glass machinery and equipment, remove the sundries unrelated to production, and it is better to keep the cleaning once a day.

2. Replace the circulating water to avoid glass powder blocking the water pump and water pipe.

3. The chains and gears of the glass edging machine shall be regularly filled with lubricating grease.

4. Suspension of use, should keep the surrounding environment of the glass edge grinding machine dry, so that it is not easy to rust.

5. Timely check whether the clearance of various moving parts of the machine becomes larger, which is conducive to maintaining the Kyoto of the workpiece.

6. In the use of glass edge grinding machine processing small pieces of glass must pay attention to whether flat, to ensure that the small glass is clamped smoothly.






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