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  • Date:2020/09/25

If a piece of glass needs to be used in multiple process equipment, it will involve the repositioning of different equipment and whether the standard is unified. Such as positioning error, the finished product is likely to cause errors and increase the scrap rate of raw materials. Multi-processes require many people to look after, which increases the cost of human resources. Automatic glass machine generates G code according to the design graphics, and completes the straight line, circular shape, special shape, drilling, engraving, and frosting at one time. On the way, according to different lines and different processes: the equipment performs automatic tool change. One person can watch multiple devices, reducing the cost of human resources for one person watching one device. Because the computer automatically recognizes the graphics and automatically generates the G code, the employment standards are greatly reduced, and the junior high school diploma can learn it, reducing wages.


The third glass processing center has sophisticated technology and is currently not fully popularized in the market, mainly in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Many cities in China, and even some small cities, have never heard of the term processing center. Everyone knows that the market is difficult to do because there are too many people and there is no differentiation. In order to survive, the only way to survive is to differentiate the product prices. The profit is not high, but it is not a long-term plan. Because the glass processing center integrates many equipment and functions, it replaces manual processes, greatly increasing product innovation, quality, and efficiency, laying a foundation for differentiation in the market, and achieving the right to increase orders and market pricing.


Advantages of Automatic glass machine:

1. The Automatic glass machine has high operation accuracy;

2. Automatic glass machine can accurately control the deviation, with less deviation;

3. Automatic glass machine occupies very little space and does not occupy space;

4. Automatic glass machine can also avoid some harmful substances from harming the human body and reduce the harm of harmful substances to the human body. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly to use the Automatic glass machine

5. The Automatic glass machine operation method is simple, clear and easy to operate, which can also reduce labor costs;

6. The productivity of the Automatic glass machine is fast and the output is higher;

This is a succinct and clear description of the advantages of the automatic edging machine. It may be that others have not talked about it. You can also get to know each other carefully. Welcome new and old customers to come and consult.

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