Teach you how to use the Window Glass Cleaning Machine

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  • Date:2020/03/25

We know that no matter what kind of machinery and equipment, there are certain operating procedures. Window glass cleaning machine are the most commonly used equipment in glass processing. The most commonly used window glass cleaning machine in the market are tap water added to the water tank and recycled. The cleaning machine generally blows water into the cleaning box, and then flows back to the water tank after high-speed cleaning by a brush, and then absorbs water through a sponge roller to enter the air-drying area for air-drying. After the heating box is driven by a high-pressure fan, the glass surface is dried After drying out, this is the most conventional glass cleaning equipment.

Every window glass cleaning machine has an operating process that must be known. If we do not pay attention to the operating process of a glass washing machine, then there must be a failure during use, which will affect the use of the glass washing machine, and it will also shorten the glass washing machine. The service life may even cause injury or death, so we must follow the instructions of the glass washer when using it, so how do we operate the window glass cleaning machine properly?


First of all, the start-up is the first step of using a glass washer. You must follow the correct start-up sequence. The heater can only be turned on after the blower is turned on. The shutdown step is the opposite of the startup step.


Secondly, before using the glass cleaning machine, inspect the mechanical equipment to prevent the mechanical equipment from operating with problems. In this way, the fault will be magnified during use, and it will also affect our operation. If a fault occurs, the glass washer should not be used until the fault has been repaired.


Finally, we also pay attention to draining oil slick to improve the working efficiency of glass washer.


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