Stone Cleaning Machine

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  • Date:2021/03/31

The overall structure of the stone cleaning machine consists of four sections: inlet section, air-drying section, and outlet section. It is mainly composed of four institutions: conveying, cleaning, strong wind, and inspection. It has the characteristics of strong decontamination ability, cleanliness, and good air-drying effect.


一、The whole structure of the stone cleaning machine

1. The overall structure consists of four sections: inlet section, air-dry section, cleaning section, and exit section.

2. The rest of the sheet metal parts are all made of stainless steel

3. 8 brush rollers, 6 sponge rollers

4. The conveyor roller of the whole machine adopts vulcanized rubber and rubber-coated structure (no contact with acidic liquid)

5. The water in the water tank circulates automatically.

6. The transmission motor adopts stepless transmission, and the speed is stable. Longer service life.


The brush roller of the cleaning part of the stone cleaning machine is conveyed by an independent motor belt. The brush is made of high-quality acid and alkali resistant and high temperature resistant material, which has good cleaning effect and long service life. And also adopts a transmission system, frequency conversion speed regulation, which can be directly operated on the panel, and the cleaning speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.


In addition, high-quality conveying rubber rollers are densely arranged, which can process different sizes of glass. Combined with gear transmission, the transmission is more stable. Cleaning and air drying system, automatic cleaning and drying of different thickness glass, brush cleaning, high-quality sponge roller to absorb dry, hot air drying once.

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