Automatic Glass Sandblasting Machine

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  • Date:2020/05/08

The automatic glass sandblasting machine is formed in one time, and the sandblasting is uniform, perfect, and efficient. It is automatically sanded, automatically frosted, automatically discharged, and the discharged dust is filtered and sinking through the water tank to achieve the best effect of dust removal. The sandblasting is formed at one time. It is the best choice for glass blasting in today's market. The thickness of blasted glass is 3-30mm, and can also be processed, marble, ceramics, stainless steel, etc.

The basic procedure of this product is as follows:

1. Use the cutting plotter to engrave the sandblasted protective paper with the pictures or words you want

2. Attach the protective paper to the glass or marble

3. Use sandblasting machine to spray

4. Tear off the protective paper

5. The beautiful patterns you need are displayed


Advantages of automatic glass blasting machine:

1. High efficiency: an average glass blasting machine can handle the blasting amount equivalent to 80-100 skilled workers per day

2. Low cost: The use of glass sandblasting machine can greatly reduce production costs, such as saving sandblasting, management, raw materials, mold costs and plant area.

3. High quality: The glass blasting machine can perfectly remove the burrs of the products according to the production requirements, and can handle some special structures that cannot be handled manually and does not cause damage to the products.


Features of automatic glass sandblasting machine:

1. Simple operation: ordinary workers can skillfully operate the machine after half an hour of training, and there is an advanced automatic control system to prevent workers from misoperation.

2. High production efficiency: the average daily processing capacity of a freezing blasting machine is equivalent to the blasting workload of 50-80 skilled workers

3. High sandblasting precision: it can remove tiny and concealed flash, not limited by product shape, high pass rate and stable sandblasting quality.

4. It can remove the flash of small rubber-plastic alloy products, brittle plastic products and magnesium alloy, zinc alloy and aluminum alloy castings of any shape with complex structure.

5. Do not damage the surface of the product, improve the appearance quality of the product, and increase the service life of the product.

6. Less floor space, only one square meter of glass sandblasting machine plus auxiliary equipment is needed.






















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