Rainbow after the storm

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  • Date:2020/08/24

Everyone will be very curious about what it will be like to experience the epidemic in the world and China.Especially after China experienced the outbreak period at the beginning of the year, to what extent has the industry recovered. How is the glass machine company in our industry now?

This year's Spring Festival holiday is the longest, and everyone is looking forward to working. However, after a period of home isolation that lasted more than a month, the epidemic slowly began to improve. Finally we can go back to the office and start work in March. Take all epidemic prevention measures, wear a mask and measure your body temperature every day.It is conceivable that the economic situation of all walks of life is very tense now, and some companies are facing bankruptcy. However, after two or three months of waiting, various industries slowly recovered, and the business situation of the glass machine company began to improve. After this difficulty, business friends cherished each other more and helped each other.So that in a certain period of time, the glass machine company ushered in an explosive period in business, and everything is developing in a good direction.

I know that today, all the work process is as fulfilling as last year, and it is not hindered by the epidemic at all, and glass machine company everything is fine. Now the epidemic situation abroad is under control, and it is slowly developing in a good direction. Therefore, after experiencing this difficulty, everyone will cherish life and love work more. To express it in a sentence commonly used in China: How can we see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? Look, what a beautiful rainbow.

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