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JuGang ShenGong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful ShunDe of FoShan City with a convenient transportation. It integrates glass machine equipment' scientific research, production and sales, mainly specialized in the manufacture of glass deep-processing machine including glass edging machine, irregular glass edges grinding machine, glass drilling machine, glass chamfering machine, belt sander machine, glass sandblasting machine and glass washing machine.

High quality, high cost performance and aspiration to be an excellent supplier of glass machines has become the common pursuit of Jugang shengong team. While constantly developing new products, we also attach great importance to after-sales service, thereby having successively set up our own offices throughout the country in recent years. The establishment of a perfect after-sales service and enable to reach a higher customer degree of satisfaction...

JGSG is a Glass machine company、glass machine supplier, also a stone cutting machine supplier. Our main product is the stone cutting machine、stone edging machine、 glass polishing machine 、 glass washing machine and so on. JGSG is the constantly striving for new product development glass machine company、glass machine supplier and stone cutting machine supplier. Stone cutting machine is easy to operate, environmentally friendly, clean, convenient, professional, accurate, high quality and efficient. JGSG is pay more attention to product after-sales service glass Machine Company.

And has established perfect after-sales service network throughout the country glass machine supplier. Fully guarantee the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services of the majority of users, so that customers can buy with confidence and use them with satisfaction stone cutting machine supplier. Stone cutting machine, also known as stone cutting machine, is a multi-knife、multi-stage stone cutting machine consisting of a cutting knife group, a stone conveying table, a positioning guide and a frame.


JGSG is a Glass machine company、glass machine supplier, also a stone cutting machine supplier. Is located in Shunde, Foshan, with beautiful geographical location and convenient transportation. It mainly produces Rock slab and stone machinery and equipment such as stone cutting machine and stone edging machine. Our company is a professional manufacturers of the glass machine company, as a glass machine supplier and stone cutting machine supplier, Our factory will have an exchange meeting of engineers and technicians every half a month, the purpose of which is continuously committed to the development of new products and the detailed processing of existing product machines, as well as training some expertise. Especially the stone cutting machine, we will keep to develop. As the glass machine company, both glass machine supplier and stone cutting machine supplier, we will often participate in exhibitions to provide customers with the opportunity to show the performance of products and compare the performance, price and other aspects of different products. In order to let customers use a better product. Through our continuous research and innovation, we believe that our stone cutting machine can bring the best experience to customers.

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We are a professional glass machine company with patent certificate, which can make customers trust our machines more. As a glass machine supplier, we have more than 20 years of experience in this industry, and we enjoy an excellent reputation in this field and can supply best quality products. As a stone Cutting Machine Supplier, we are build famous brand for better future, to survive with excellent products quality and to achieve development with elaborate technology. JGSG is s devoted to establishment of industry’s new standard glass machine company.

We want to be a consistently realize products innovation and perfection, and provide clients with reliable products and satisfaction service glass machine supplier. Also we always take the customer as the center stone cutting machine supplier. As a glass machine company, we are not only the glass machine supplier but also the stone cutting machine supplier, in order to innovate more machines. Many customers are asking why choose the stone cutting machine, because the stone cutting machine have more advantages, can save more labor costs, very convenient. High-quality, cost-effective stone cutting machine is worth your own.

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