Automatic Rock Plate/Stone Edge Machine JGZM10-45°A

PRODUCT Description

Multifunctional rock slab processing machine, capable of processing 45°.

Beveled edges and seamless splicing can also be grooved on the surface. It is suitable for linear processing of various rock slabs, such as dining tables, cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms, floors, etc.

This machine is suitable for grinding 45° edging of different sizes and thicknesses and straight-edged plane processing can be done through rough machining, fine edging and polishing at one time. After edging, it is close to flatness. The stone matrix adopts frequency conversion speed feed, which can adjust the thickness of different processes, and can be adjusted according to the digital display table of the front beam. The machine has advanced structure, high precision, convenient operation and continuous thickness processing.

Model JGZM10-45°A
Power supply 380V 50HZ
Min processing size 100*100mm
Processing thinckness 12-60mm
Voltage 27kw
Weight 3200kg
Bevel angle 45°
Oversize 7600*1000*2000mm

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