Stone Washing Machine

Why should stone be washing? The surface of the stone has some fine ventilation holes like the human skin, and the smooth surface of the stone also needs to be carefully and properly cleaned. The surface of stone is just like human skin. It will be damaged by acids. Acid or alkaline cleaning agents will deeply erode the surface of the stone and slightly damage the smooth surface of the stone. If the latency is long, it will be stored in the pores of the stone and slowly oxidized into crystals.

After the accumulation of the moon, the crystals will gradually expand and the surface tissue will be pushed out and burst. Proper stone maintenance will not only maintain the natural luster and beauty of the stone, but also extend the life of the stone. Conventional water cleaning will inevitably cause stone pollution and lesions. How to clean the pollution the most, so that the effect of water is minimized in the stone pollution?

Stone washing machine is a good choice: china stone washing machine manufacturers’ design slate stone washing machine can washing and drying is to reduce the time that water stays on the stone and minimize the intrusion of fine particles in the stone surface or air due to water infiltration. Stone washing machine with frequency control and digital display, washing brush roller rotation is respectively driven by the upper and lower two sets of independent electrical belt, slate stone washing machine having a more smooth rotation speed and a longer service life.

In fact. China stone washing machine manufacturers design solves many stone washing machine problems. Now slate stone washing machine is very popular at China and abroad, and the praise from customers is the greatest affirmation for china stone washing machine manufacturers.

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