Automatic Rock/Plate Stone Straight Machine JGS08-45°

  • The machine can be equipped with different grinding wheels,grinding the straight round edge of the flat-skin material,straight-line duck-bulled edge and straight line shaped edge coarse grinding ,
  • l stone sheet,Frequency control feed,can be arbitrary conversion processing speed.

PRODUCT Description

The machine is suitable for grinding straight stone and 45°edging stones with different sizes and thickness.The 45°oblique plane and straight side plane processing can be finished by rough,fine edging and polishing at once.After polishing,it is close to the smoothness of the stone matrix,Using variable frequency speed feed,it can adjusting the thickness of different processing,it can be adjusted according to the digital display table on the front beam.This machine has the advantages of advanced structure,high accuracy,convenient operation and continuous thickness machining.It is a necessary equipment for deep processing of stones.

Model JGS08-45°
power supply 380V/50HZ
Power 17.25KW size 100*100mm
Glass thickness 3-60mm
Weight 3000KG
Transmission Variable speed governor
Process speed 0.7-5m/min

Machine size


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