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  • Date:2020/04/16

Why does glass need to be edged?
The polishing is not only beautiful but also harmless. Now the market has higher and higher requirements for glass processing, and many processes must achieve the effect of polishing. Manual edging can not meet the requirements of processing brightness and accuracy. Therefore, the glass polishing machine can solve this series of problems. Not only the processing effect is good, the accuracy is high, the operation is safe, but the most important thing is to improve the work effectiveness. There is a saying in China that says: fast and good!

The edging is divided into rough edging and fine edging
Rough edging does not have the effect of polishing. Some glass processing does not require polishing. You can choose the product according to your needs.
The fine edging effect has high polishing brightness, and these door and window glass, bathroom and kitchen glass on the market basically need to be polished.

As the requirements of the glass processing industry are getting higher , the shapes that need to be processed on the market are becoming  more complex, and of course the products are also  more beautiful. Therefore, in order to meet the market demand, our machines also need to be updated. The edge type is mainly divided into three categories: straight edge, beveling edge and round edge.

Glass polishing machine of straight edge is Straight edges are the most common and basic. Therefore, the cost performance of the straight edge machine is high, the accuracy of the glass polishing machine of bevel edge  is relatively high, and the process is relatively complicated, so the price will be higher than the price of the straight edge machine. The price of the glass polishing machine for round edge is similar to that of the glass polishing machine of straight edge , the processing effect is also good, and the gloss is high.

In short, no matter what the machine is, regardless of the process, what the price is, what suits your processing requirements is the most practical.

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