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  • Date:2020/07/31

Nowadays, automatic glass machine is widely used in various glass production and processing. If these machines are used incorrectly, an unnecessary problem may occur in the actual application process of the enterprise, which will cause problems in the daily production and operation of the enterprise. . So how exactly should these glass machines be used correctly?


How to use automatic glass machine correctly

1. After purchasing, the correct approach is to look at the instructions for use of the equipment. After all, the equipment produced by different automatic glass machine still requires some details during the operation. If the company does not pay attention to these details during use, it may cause damage to the automatic glass machine. At the same time, another advantage of doing so is that it can have a good control effect on mechanical equipment. In addition, through these manuals, we can understand basic equipment maintenance and improve the service life of the enterprise.

2. It is best to make necessary conditions for the position of the grinding head of the glass edging machine before use. This will not only produce better glass products. As for the adjustment of other mechanical equipment, it should be operated according to the actual situation, which can avoid some unnecessary troubles. The adjustment of the position of the grinding head should be reasonable. If it is adjusted to an inappropriate position, it may cause great damage to the equipment, and may damage the equipment in severe cases.

3. During the actual use of the glass edging machine, everyone should pay special attention to some details, such as the cooling of the machine and equipment. If the temperature of the machine is too high during operation, it may cause damage to the equipment.

4. In the course of use, the glass edging machine should also be maintained and maintained regularly, such as regularly lubricating the equipment to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. When clamping the glass to work, the force should be appropriate. If the force is too small, the glass will not be fixed well; on the contrary, if the force is too strong, the glass may be clamped and cause unnecessary troubles for production.



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