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  • Date:2020/05/08

Automatic glass cutting machine refers to a processing machine dedicated to glass processing and blanking. The automatic glass cutting machine includes an air-floating sheet feeding table arranged in an end-to-end manner, and a double-bridge interchange cutting table. As an improvement, the double-bridge interchange cutting table is between the first straight beam and the second straight beam at the head of the upper frame in the length direction and the third straight beam and the fourth straight beam at the head of the lower frame in the length direction There is a glass conveying mechanism including a rotating shaft, a number of conveying wheels, a motor, and a belt; the air-fed wafer feeding table is provided with a proximity switch connected to the power supply control circuit of the motor at the end of the length direction of the table to control the opening and closing of the motor , The upper end of the proximity switch is slightly lower than the table. As a further improvement, the double-bridge interchange cutting table is provided with two vertical roll assemblies that block the glass on the first straight beam and the second straight beam, and the four roll assemblies are arranged in a rectangular shape. In addition, it also has a manual breaking table, and the double-bridge interchange cutting table and manual breaking table are arranged end to end.


When operating the glass cutting machine normally, there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to. In addition to the basic cutting speed and cutting height, the cutting gas also needs constant attention. In order to improve the quality of the on-site automatic glass cutting machine, Shanghai Weihong has integrated many years of experience in the research and development of automatic glass cutting technology, and summarized several suggestions as follows:

To use a fully automatic glass cutting machine, you must first master the flame of the cutting nozzle skillfully. The key to adjustment is the gas source. Most of the on-site oxygen is supplied by the pipeline. The purity and pressure of the oxygen can generally meet the requirements of use, but the gas is mostly supplied in bottles. Gas, a 30 kg bottle of gas, in the scale of 5 machines and 5 streams, the use time is about 2 hours. In this way, the gas source must be replaced halfway, which will cause the gas pressure to fluctuate greatly, which directly affects the gas flow and causes cutting. Not normal.

Bottled gas has large pressure fluctuations at the beginning and end of each bottle of gas. The warm water heating method on site is a good way to ensure the stability of the gas source;


On the basis of familiar with the equipment, you can try to improve the equipment to improve the effect. This aspect requires careful observation and strengthening of learning and research during normal operations, and mastering many aspects of knowledge.


To ensure the integrity of the current equipment, usually based on the operating procedures, regularly check the pipeline, joints and other places for leaks, lubricate the bearings and pin holes, clean the cutting nozzles, cooling water pipes, etc., and complete some daily routines Work to ensure normal operation.


Maintenance of the mechanical parts and equipment of the automatic glass cutting machine is the daily work necessary to maintain the normal technical state of the equipment and extend the service life, and is also one of the main responsibilities of the operator. The maintenance of the mechanical parts and equipment of the automatic glass cutting machine is completed, which can reduce the loss of downtime and maintenance costs, reduce product costs, ensure product quality, and improve production efficiency. General automatic glass cutting machine mechanical parts and equipment maintenance work is divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance.


The daily maintenance of the mechanical parts and equipment of the automatic glass cutting machine includes two kinds of maintenance and weekend maintenance, which are carried out by the operator. Each shift maintenance requires that the operating staff must achieve in each shift production: check all parts of the equipment before the shift, and add oil and lubrication as required; the specified inspection items should be recorded on the inspection card after inspection, and only after they are confirmed to be normal use equipment.


During the operation of the mechanical parts and equipment of the automatic glass cutting machine, the equipment should be used correctly in strict accordance with the maintenance operation regulations, pay attention to observe its operation, and discover abnormalities in a timely manner. Failures that cannot be eliminated by the operator should be notified to the repairman for repair, and the repairman should Make maintenance records on the "Fault Repair List". Before leaving work, take about 15 minutes to carefully clean and wipe the equipment, and record the equipment status in the handover book to handle the handover procedure.

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