Automatic glass edge polishing machine

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  • Date:2020/12/27

Automatic glass edge polishing machine of the edges of the glass into a powder to make the glass smoother. However, large amounts of these splashes are absorbed by the glass polishers every day. Therefore, at the end of every day work, should be adsorbed in the glass machine glass powder for a reasonable removal.

Automatic glass edge polishing machine takes a long time to process, which will make the chuck shaft, chuck and the interior wall of the grinding edge attached with cutting powder. If not removed in a timely manner, the glass will be scratched, and the seal ring of the chuck shaft will be worn, leading to water in the machine head. The brush and nozzle container will be used for direct cleaning. Enter the machine cleaning mode for cleaning. This method can also clean the internal water supply line of the machine.

When cleaning, must follow the operating standard, safe, reasonable operation. And since the automatic glass edge polishing machine is rotating every day, because of its lubrication maintenance is also very important, to always protect the lubrication of the mechanical shaft, in order to make the automatic glass edge polishing machine work more smoothly. This will not only increase the efficiency of the automatic glass polisher, but also increase the production capacity of the factory. Because your daily maintenance, you can make the automatic glass edge polishing machine life can be extended enough, indirectly save the cost of the factory.





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